Saturday, 25 May 2013

Aural prozac

So like many my job involves very little brain power, it is pretty low-paid and the employers are dodgy as hell but on the plus side I do get to spend half of every day in a large dark room surrounded by books listening to music. The other half I spend upstairs in an office listening to things like this. I think if I had to pay full attention to my work I would have shot myself long ago...

When I started I would listen to stuff like Magnetic Fields, PJ Harvey and Xiu Xiu constantly, I am still utterly obsessed with these bands and listen to them loads, but as time drew on and I realised I was spending much of my life in a room without any windows recollecting or predicting life's disappointments and frustrations I became too emotional when listening to these bands at work. Hence I am going through a phase of listening to stuff like this:

Suck my dick! Says Ke$ha. Amazing. I never really got Ke$ha, though I quite liked her, then my best friend played her constantly whenever I was round at her flat and she now lives inside my head. Incidentally her video for the 'It Gets Better Project' is hilarious if only for the fact that she looks like when she made it she hadn't been to bed for seven days prior thus making it sound amusingly half-arsed. Given that most of the project is an insulting exercise in patronising assimilationist cringe bollocks -look! My band wrote a song about it!- I wholeheartedly approve of her approach. 

Someone played this to me at work last week and I'd never heard it before. Thinking I had discovered something new I played it to all my friends only to be told it was played in every gay club and had been on Glee and Girls and everyone was sick of it. Well, I don't care! etc etc. I played it on repeat for the past week and am only just starting to get over it. The video is an advert for gentrification though, definitely a better experience with just the music.

Bottle. Sip. Guzzle. I'm a bad bitch no muzzle, says Nicki. Pound the Alarm and Starships are both repeat players for me. Nicki Minaj gets a lot of stick for how she looks, accused of being 'too fake' but aren't those criticisms just a way of dictating how women, particularly of colour, 'should' look? I read an article about this song/video in relation to Trinidadian politics here if you're interested but many said the article was inaccurate so worth reading the discussion in the comments thread as well.

For some reason I take comfort in New Order.

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